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  • About Us


    We believe the foundation for our clients’ financial success is based on the fundamental concepts of Trust, Strength, Growth, and Security.


    We believe in forming life-long partnerships with our clients that will encompass all of the critical aspects of their financial life.
    We believe that personal integrity, high ethical standards, and independence are the source of successful relationships.
    We believe that our fiduciary responsibility is the most important aspect of our relationships with our clients.  In this regard, our compensation is Fee-Only and paid directly by our clients, meaning we do not accept other third-party compensation (commissions).


    We believe our clients are unique and deserve financial plans and investment strategies that reflect their specific needs.
    We believe client service is the basis of a life-long relationship and, therefore, we will consistently add value to our client interactions by achieving the highest level of service and satisfaction.
    We believe in listening.  We take the time to understand each person’s specific financial situation — including their dreams, needs, and challenges — so that we can create solutions that enable clients to accomplish their goals.


    We believe that following a practical financial plan is the basis for growing wealth.
    We believe that tactical analysis provides the best opportunity to balance investment return with investment risk in the long-term.
    We believe in openly discussing the risks and rewards associated with specific investment strategies.


    We believe the firm acts as an advocate for our clients within the financial markets and beyond.
    We believe our planners and advisors should use practical financial plans and objective third-party research to safeguard our clients’ assets and financial strength.
    We believe that our clients’ privacy and confidentiality must never be compromised.