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  • Tax and Accounting Services

    • Income Tax Preparation

    Williams Financial, LLC uses the latest tax preparation software.  We can prepare and e-file federal, all state income tax returns, and (when necessary) estimated tax forms.  We work with individuals, families, and small businesses.  Our team approach means that your taxes will be prepared in a timely manner and reviewed multiple times to capture every opportunity to reduce your tax liability.

    Estimated Fee: $250 minimum; most customers can expect to pay $250-$650. The firm’s rate for more complex tax preparation is $110 per hour above the minimum fee. 

    • Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Accounting

    Our Bookkeeping services are individualized based on your needs.  We use QuickBooks for most clients, but are also familiar with other accounting programs.  Services range from monthly account reconciliation to full-service bookkeeping – including accounts payable and accounts receivable.

    Our Payroll services can be customized for your firm, whether you need full-or basic-service.  There is no cost for the initial consultation.  We prepare:

    • paychecks, pay stubs, direct deposit

    • quarterly reports and payroll forms

    • employee benefits & employee recordkeeping

    • ACA/Affordable Care Act compliance

    • electronic payroll tax deposits

    • company retirement plans (401k, SIMPLE-IRA)

                Estimated Fee: $35-70/hour, depending on your needs & scope of the work.

    • Tax Planning

    Our team of professionals (including CPAs, Enrolled Agents, CFPs and Investment Advisors) will help you evaluate and implement strategies that may reduce your tax liabilities.  We provide guidance and oversight throughout the year.  Our tax plans incorporate tax law changes, customized tax strategies and compliance, estimated tax planning, and tax credits and incentives.

                Estimated Fee: $220/hour, or project retainer based on scope of work.

    • Consulting

    Our staff’s diverse background and experience enable us to provide guidance in the areas of accounting and human resource management. We can help in designing and maintaining client accounting records, developing budgets, and creating and maintaining administrative and personnel policies and procedures. The customization of each consulting project is based on the scope of the engagement.

                Estimated Fee: $220/hour, or ongoing retainer based on scope of work.